Our Mission

Antibiotic Safety

The primary mission of Antibiotic Watchdog is to inform and educate the public of the potential dangers of antibiotics. Of major concern is the currently available data linking antibiotic use to human cancers. Antibiotic Watchdog will grow into a powerful advocacy organization that will compel the FDA and CDC to do their job and protect the public from harm caused by these dangerous pharmaceuticals. We can not fully rely upon industry and regulatory agencies to operate in the public interest. 

Antibiotic resistance has become a very serious threat to our health. Current practices in medicine and animal agriculture are placing us at very high risk for massive epidemics caused by highly resistant bacteria. MRSA is a prime example and anyone having to be hospitalized for an extended period of time is at very high risk for MRSA infection. Antibiotic Watchdog will promote practices that limit antibiotic resistance and speak out against practices that are responsible for contributing to antibiotic resistance.