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Nutritional Oncology Research Institute

NORI offers cancer patients additional tools beyond the standard of care which includes optimization of diet, targeted nutraceuticals, online support group and guidance through the maze of alternative treatment options.


NORI Nutraceuticals

NORI Nutraceuticals offers high-quality and high-value nutritional supplements and specialized nutraceuticals. All products are manufactured in-house to the highest standards and all raw materials are lab certified for purity.


Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Study NFP

The Foundation for Fluoroquinolones Toxicity Study and Research was recognized exclusively as a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under Federal Tax Exemption and Illinois Sales and Use Tax Exemption on October 07, 2015.  Recently, we shortened our name to Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Study, NFP (“FTS”).  Our not for profit status was established with the intention to provide funding for the study and research of Fluoroquinolone (“FQ”) toxicity, as well as promote drug toxicity awareness.  We know there are hundreds of wonderful websites about FQ toxicity awareness, therefore, this website is dedicated mainly to the medical and scientific communities.