Are antibiotics really safe?

Are antibiotics always necessary?

Antibiotic Watchdog

Are Antibiotics Safe?

Antibiotics may or may not be safe depending on many factors. Killing off healthy gut bacteria is just one of the many adverse side-effects of antibiotics. Antibiotics can damage mitochondrial DNA which may lead to many different health abnormalities and potentially, cancer. In this respect, antibiotics can be deadly. 

Are Antibiotics Always Necessary?

Antibiotics may be necessary and lifesaving in certain circumstances. In many situations, antibiotics are completely unnecessary. Our own immune system, if working normally, is exquisitely adept at targeting and destroying invading pathogens. Sometimes it is just a matter of allowing our innate systems to do their job.

Are Natural Alternatives an Option ?

There are many safe and natural alternatives to prescription antibiotics which are synthetic toxic drugs. Examples include garlic, oregano oil, tea tree oil, D-mannose and colloidal silver. There are many other natural options. These natural medicines can be applied externally and internally in a safe manner.

Antibiotic USE and Cancer

A Medical Disaster

There is clearly an association between antibiotic use and cancer. It is also known from scientific investigations that antibiotics damage mitochondria which is the key cellular defect in cancer cells. This association is not trivial, antibiotic use may account for causing more than 30% of cancers when eliminating tobacco and alcohol. Mitochondria are essentially bacteria and suffer collateral damage from antibiotic use. Major research dollars must be funneled into pursuing this connection further and public awareness must begin now. Doctors are completely in the dark on this issue and this has to be rectified immediately.  Click here to download a free ebook: "The Relationship Between Antibiotic Use and Human Cancers - A Clear and Present Danger"



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